PaaS Watch

A comprehensive overview of Cloud Hosting Platforms

Feature Comparisons & Benchmarks. ↪ Soon in spring 2013, Uptime checks for

appfog (EU), cloud control (EU), pagoda box (EU) & fortrabbit (EU)

Why PaaS Watch?

I do development at Control B, writing code since 2001. My passion: app/website performance optimization, high traffic, big data, prototyping, fronted & backend. Like every web developer i had to deal with different hosting setups: From "Shared Hosting" to "Servers managed by friends" to "Servers managed by IT of the client" to "professional managed Hosting". And finially PaaS.

New PaaS vendors are popping up, but it's not easy to compare them because they don't offer classic resources like CPU, RAM and Disk space. Characteristics like reliability, scalability, support & ease of deployment becoming more important than pure horse power.

Disclosure: I'm doing consulting for I joined the team some months ago, but i try to be fair-minded. PaaS Watch should be a transparent overview of the current PaaS market. Not a feature battle.